Food & Beverage

Consumer demands, private labelling and regulation are forcing manufacturers to become more flexible, more responsive and more informed.

Consumers are demanding more choice, convenience and quality in foods and drinks. Manufacturers need to react to market changes with flexible internal processes for new products to be brought to market quickly and efficiently to maximise profits and supply customers with the products they want.

There is an increased focus on food safety and the need to comply with local and global rules and regulations. The increasing power of retail chains and the trend toward niche markets has lead to more private labelling and custom packaging. These pressures have added extra complexity to the manufacturing process.

At Primur Systems & Resources we understand many of the issues in controlling and improving business processes in food and beverage industries such as:

  • HACCP and quality assurance
  • labelling for nutrition, allergens, Halal, etc.
  • expiry of products and ingredients
  • seasonality of demand and supply
  • container storage and packaging variations
  • fast and accurate quotations
  • managing waste

Talk to Primur about solutions for Food & Beverage manufacturers and distributors.

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