Build Upon Existing Investment Using .Net

The Client

Founded in 1879, Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd merged with Nichido Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd on October 1, 2004 and is Japan’s oldest and largest property, casualty and marine insurer. They are recognised as a world wide leader in commercial insurance, with a long history of financial stability and excellent security rating.

Business Demands

The Insurance industry is one that is closely watched and regulated. Such regulation creates many compliance and reporting requirements that must be addressed by the organisations. The ability to respond to these while not detracting from the actual business is a key demand.

Incumbent Systems

Tokio Marine relies on their AS/400 iSeries based application to run the core applications within their business. This application has been in place for many years and is the key repository for all customer, policy, claim and financial information.

Business Objectives

Surrounding the main line of business system were various satellite systems developed to address specific business issues and processes. Over time these systems led to increased and duplicated data entry effort with the natural result of having critical business data in a variety of sources. There also existed a need for an easier way to be able to extract and report on data both for business management and prudential reporting and compliance.

Solution Description

·      Convert Existing AS400 cobol applications to Web Applications maintaining existing DB2/400 database, with a requirement to account for a possible migration to MS SQL in the future

·         Applications include: Policy and Claim Tracking systems

·         Use of proper Three-Tier, Object-Oriented architecture comprising of a comprehensive Data Access Layer, which can be directed at either database, a reusable set of business logic foundation classes and a portable presentation layer, which could be easily extended to Windows Forms and Mobile platforms

·         Use of internal Web services to provide a number of commonly used business applications across application domains

·         SQL Reporting Server to provide common reporting functionality across applications.

·         SQL Integration Services to maintain a data warehouse, pulling data from multiple data sources and line of business applications

·         SQL Reporting Services to users with easy access to Adhoc reporting requirements.

·         SQL Analysis Services to provide KPI and performance information

Solution Benefits

Web based applications provide a Portal for external agents to access the policy and claims systems remotely, namely from New Zealand

·         Insurance generally has a high turnover of staff, and the web applications expedite the training process for new staff.
·         Reduced licensing costs for expensive line of business applications.
·         Reduced need for specialised IT staff to maintain older applications