Tiles and Carpets into the 21st Century

The Client                 

Providing flooring solutions in Australia since 1998 to cater for the NSW and Qld markets. The company has international experience dating back to 1969. CTM Flooring were the first retailer to develop a specialty retail outlet to cater for the complete flooring solution – tiles, carpet, timber and vinyl – all at the one location.

Business Demands

To be more competitive by not only providing the best products, but also ensuring that customers were not disadvantaged by ageing internal systems.

Incumbent Systems

Industry specific homegrown software on an ageing AS/400, software written 20 years ago and an AS/400 now very slow due to lack of memory and disk and not upgradeable, and reports designed to print on dot matrix printers.

Business Objectives

Company taking on new products for distribution and requirements are to bring hardware and software into the 21st century.

Solution Description

Purchase new IBM Power i 7+ server (latest model of AS/400), upgrade and enhance the legacy software.

  • Create external printer files for all programs producing reports
  • Convert programs from RPG II to RPG/ILE
  • Modify the new externally created printer files to enable A4 reports on laser duplex printers
  • Modify report programs to distinguish between tiles, carpet, timber or vinyl when printing Quotes or Orders or invoices
  • Allow a Y/N option to print reports
  • Purchase and integrate Fax software to permit faxing as well as emailing or producing hard copy reports

Solution Benefits