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Whether you want to increase business agility, streamline supply chains, implement new business models, or grow your customer loyalty; Primur has industry-based solutions to help enable you to run your core business more efficiently, more flexibly and with greater ease of use. Primur has a track record for effective solutions delivery in the following industries.

Food & Beverage

Consumer demands, private labelling and regulation are forcing manufacturers to become more flexible, more responsive and more informed. Our ERP solutions provide the agility and control to increase sales and profits in an increasingly competitive market.

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Looking to optimise production and business processes to keep on top of customer demand, increase profit margins and stand out in a volume marketplace? Our ERP solutions provide component, sub-assembly and whole system manufacturers with flexible, scalable solutions that help you integrate business and production processes to shorten cycle times, enable project and financial control and visibility and empower expansion into new territories and services.

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Customer demands for fast deliveries and ever lower costs, coupled with increasingly difficult government regulations, place many new and unique challenges on chemical manufacturers. Add to that a continual need for innovative product formulas and recipes and ever-changing packaging variations—and the result is escalating complexity in all areas of the business, including development, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

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